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The elegance of porcelain tiles for a luxury residential complex in Korea

28 July 2022

The sophistication and earthy strength of Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles have converted the residential spaces of a prestigious complex in South Korea into an oasis of comfort and elegance.

The sophistication and earthy strength of Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles have converted the residential spaces of a prestigious complex in South Korea into an oasis of comfort and elegance.In the city of Gwangju, regarded as the birthplace of traditional Korean culture, the apartments of the innovative El Signature convey an allure marked by hospitality and a minimalist yet elegant esthetic. Within this space where tradition and extreme modernity reign, Atlas Concorde ceramic surfaces were selected to furnish the apartments in the residential complex. Produced in a variety of material looks, Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles have helped transform residential spaces into a melting point of contemporary style, esthetic minimalism, and exclusive design. Pure colors, natural veins, deep shades, transparent clouding: the marble-effect porcelain tiles used on the floors and walls in the various areas of the complex have recreated the natural look of the original materials. Marble-effect surfaces feature prominently in every room of the residence, enhancing its appeal through an expertly selected color palette. Classic whites meet bolder tones such as gray to create an elegance that is based on harmonious combinations. The wonder of marble invades the space, leaving an indelible mark and giving the building a distinctive personality.On the other hand, the earthy aspect of stone-effect porcelain tiles has given the bathrooms the intense color and structural variety typical of the original material, achieved through the use of the most modern and sophisticated ceramic technologies. The stone-effect wall tiles bring an evocative, natural ambiance into everyday spaces thanks to a surface with a strong esthetic appeal. Last but not least is the use of high-tech ceramic solutions in the kitchen, ideal for rooms that require maximum hygiene, durability, and visual harmony. And it is precisely for this specific need that 12 mm thick black marble-effect porcelain tiles were selected for the construction of the kitchen countertop, while for the backsplash the 6 mm version was used. The combination of different looks has created a contemporary design where the mix of materials and ceramic surfaces becomes an absolute must for innovative, prestigious projects.

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