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Elevate the look of your bathroom projects with mosaic bathroom tiles providing the finishing touch to your designs. Let Atlas Concorde help you transform the look of walls and floors with proudly Italian-made tiles.

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Mosaic bathroom floor & wall tiles: sophisticated, elegant and versatile

 Atlas Concorde’s eye-catching mosaic tiles offer perfect embellishments for any space. They provide a timeless allure that allows designers to use bespoke tiles in different materials and colour variants. What certainly makes our tile options ideal is that they can be used as both floor and wall tiles, opening up even more design inspiration.

Also, our bathroom mosaics offer a high level of resilience – plus, they are easier to maintain and clean as well.

Bathroom Mosaics: exceptional effects and colours

Thanks to their classic character, bathroom mosaic tiles offer sophisticated design options that are made to last. Because they can resist moisture, they will not easily spoil in bathroom spaces. Moreover, you can use bathroom mosaic tiles to cover a smaller portion of the room, such as the wall behind the shower, the sink or the bathtub. You can customize a corner or detail, frame a mirror or mark out a niche.

 Using porcelain stoneware bathroom mosaic tiles creates stunning light and colour effects. You can even combine tiles with different colours and finishes, to create original and unique coverings for your design projects.

 Atlas Concorde brings out the most creative and dynamic part of a collection, by offering multiple mosaic decoration options, alongside standard tiles: round or square, smooth or 3D tiles. If you have been searching for alternative bathroom decoration, mosaic tiles are sure to give you the design variety that you have been looking for.

Personalised space with mosaic bathroom tiles

In Atlas Concorde's catalogue, you will find bathroom mosaic tiles in different formats and sizes, and also in different textures - including marble effect bathroom tiles, stone effect or concrete and resin effect - to meet any design need. This makes them ideal for residential bathrooms, as well as spas, hotels and any commercial bathroom space.

 Versatile and elegant, mosaics are perfect for any style, from classic to minimal, to create solutions with a great aesthetic impact in line with current fashions. Resistant to chemicals and long-lasting, mosaics combine aesthetics and function, making them one of the favourite coverings by architects and interior designers.

 Browse through the different offers available on Atlas Concorde's catalogue, and unleash your creativity, with the many tiles in different formats and sizes – whether you prefer blue mosaics, beige mosaics, grey mosaic tiles or other mosaic tiles!

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