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Fontanabianca, Winery

In the heart of Neive, among the hills where grapes are grown to make Barbaresco, an area that has always been dedicated to wine, is the Fontanabianca winery, a place that has made quality its raison d'être.

The balance between technological innovation and an attention to the local region has recently inspired the renovation of the winery's buildings designed to achieve a harmony between modernity and tradition. The renovation bears the signature of Atlas Concorde, chosen to adorn some of the internal and external areas of the winery with an antique yet contemporary flavor.

Thus in the fermentation areas, in the tasting room, and on the outdoor terrace there is a dialog between the simplicity of the furnishings and the use of surfaces inspired by cement, with a contemporary post-industrial appeal.

In the silence of the aging areas, where only the passing of time can regulate the aging of the wine, stone-effect floors and walls give the rooms a refined, evocative taste, perfectly matching the warmth of the large oak barrels, suspended perfectly between the work of man and nature.

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