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Light tiles

Choosing to cover your floors or walls with light-colored tiles means creating a neutral but not anonymous environment, capable of bringing out the best qualities of the furnishings and other elements in the space.

Atlas Concorde has a wide range of light-colored porcelain tiles in different sizes, finishes, and looks. Porcelain tiles are made of a resistant, practical material that looks great. And thanks to their tough characteristics they can be used both indoors and out.

Light-colored bathroom tiles allow you to customize the environment with soft, delicate tones capable of conveying a fine, sophisticated elegance.

Outdoors, the properties of porcelain tiles make it possible to use light-colored tiles in any climate: cold and frost are no problem for porcelain tiles for outdoors, being practically waterproof and having an anti-slip surface.

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Light-colored porcelain tiles: effects and patterns

Light tones are staid and elegant and can be combined with any kind of style, both classic and contemporary. Atlas Concorde's selection includes light-colored porcelain tiles in different shades, from white to beige, from dove gray to light gray, from pink to straw yellow, to satisfy all needs.

Light-colored floor tiles are perfect for any space, all you have to do is choose the right material effect for your design. Light marble-effect porcelain tiles are ideal for elegant, refined settings as they convey a timeless charm. Light wood-effect tiles can be used on bathroom and kitchen floors, but they’re also very effective for outdoor spaces such as terraces and balconies. The light stone effect is suitable for all those settings where you want to create an atmosphere that is both elegant and natural.

You can choose from glossy, satinor matte finishes or a 3D relief texture to make each space unique.

Suitable for any style, you can mix and match them with other colors and contrasting effects or in the same shade and look to design environments with a unique appeal.

Light floor and wall tiles: sizes and thicknesses

Light-colored tiles are perfect for all those environments that need brightness and airiness, so they’re perfect for small or poorly lit spaces. Light-colored floor and wall tiles reflect natural light and immediately convey a feeling of visual breadth.

In the catalog of light-colored porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde you’ll find a variety of sizes and thicknesses to clad spaces of any size, from the smallest to the largest.

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