Calacatta Marble Effect Tiles

Sought-after marble looks

Create the ultimate in luxury tile designs with our range of calacatta marble-effect tiles. Proudly made in Italy, our eye-catching tiles deliver exceptional quality and unique designs to suit any interior design layout.

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A luxury look perfect for sophisticated spaces

When it comes to creating a feeling of absolute luxury, calacatta marble-effect tiles have a signature look that always makes them stand out. Their beautiful, unique veins enhance their appeal for design projects - especially those that call for an extra touch of luxury.

At Atlas Concorde, our high-end calacatta marble-effect porcelain tiles offer a premium range that can be used in both residential and business spaces.

They are perfectly suited for areas such as spas and wellness centres, or to create a feeling of opulence in restaurants and kitchens.

Because of their durable porcelain materials, our calacatta tiles can be used for various surfaces, and for both floors and walls.

They can be beautifully integrated in designs for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, or used to create unique wall designs for various rooms.

Equally alluring, our calacatta gold marble-effect tiles add a high-end feel for projects, while infusing a feeling of calm and tranquility at the same time, thanks to their creamy white backgrounds. 

We also provide large-format slabs that can be used for walls and floors. This is especially beneficial for covering larger areas, as well outdoor patio designs.

Beautiful design solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces

Due to their durable porcelain materials, our calacatta marble effect tiles can be used as both indoor and outdoor finishes. They can create sensational modern designs for patios and swimming pool areas, while they are just as suited for indoor spaces that need additional style appeal.

Porcelain tiles are certainly an ideal consideration when choosing tiles for projects. Because these tiles are resistant to moisture, mould and mildew, they are also exceptionally hygienic choices for spaces where foodstuffs are prepared or for bathrooms that need bespoke solutions. 

Let your creativity take flight today - browse our collection of tiles today, and be sure to view our Atlas Concorde Habitat range of furnishing elements as well to complete your design projects.

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