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The everlasting charm of the wood look combined with the top performance of porcelain tiles to clad welcoming, elegant and functional settings. Browse all the collections and be inspired by Atlas Concorde projects accomplished with wood look porcelain tiles.

Wood-look porcelain tiles
Arbor - Cognac
Wood-look porcelain tiles
Etic Pro - Rovere
Wood-look porcelain tiles
Heartwood - Moka
Wood-look porcelain tiles
Nash - Light Brown
Wood-look porcelain tiles
Nid - Light

The Atlas Concorde wood look porcelain tiles combine all the warmth and naturalness of wood with the performance of ceramic, creating welcoming, elegant and functional settings which are perfect for any intended use. In residential contexts, their many applications are proposed in finishings that guarantee the merger of technical performance and surfaces that are pleasing to the touch.
Perfect for the living room, the wood look creates a gentle and sophisticated harmonious continuity among the various environments, enhancing the feeling of comfort and warmth.

Considering their hardness and extremely easy cleaning, wood-inspired porcelain tiles can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms, where the degree of resistance to impacts, abrasions, stains and chemicals required is higher. 
In the 2 cm thickness size with the non-slip finishing, Atlas Concorde wood look porcelain tiles are also recommended for the exterior of villas and residential areas, to furnish outdoor relaxation areas, and also swimming pools, with style.
Their scope of application is extensive, including in restaurants and in the hospitality industry, as well as offices and stores or shopping centres, wherever settings need to be furnished with the everlasting charm of the wood look without forgoing the efficiency of porcelain tiles.

The Atlas Concorde range of wood look porcelain tiles draws its inspiration from several reference wood essences, offering endless colours, polishing, grouting and suggestions.
From prized Italian oak wood, to large planks of American Walnut which have been embellished by the passing of time, wood look porcelain tiles tell the story of distant tales, replicating the sophisticated details of wood with the utmost realism. There is a truly extensive range of wood look colours to choose from, to put together a host of combinations with the utmost freedom of design.  From white to grey, through moka, brandy, malt and many other shades of colour which emphasise the games of light and make wood look porcelain tiles suitable for designing settings with a contemporary, traditional, minimal or Nordic soul.
To embellish ambiances created with wood look porcelain tiles, Atlas Concorde offers a vast selection of decorations capable of adding that touch of sophisticated preciousness to the overall scenic allure.

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