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Decorating dreams

23 May 2023

Interior design in the world of hospitality as a vehicle for a new experience.

Juxtaposing Interior design with the abstract sphere of sensations and dreams inevitably leads one to consider the latest trends in the world of hospitality, which increasingly seek to appropriate experiential and/or cultural content in a broader sense. No longer places considered exclusively in terms of efficiency, functions and services, but models of "other" living, where original and cross-cultural content replaces traditional solutions, transforming overnight stays into a vehicle for new experiences.

In this sense, each project is a story in itself in that it must first investigate the main characteristics of the place, the building, and the surrounding natural and cultural context so as to bring out those traits that become paradigms for the work of the designer and stories for guests to experience and discover. From the Baglioni Resorts in Marrakesh, Venice, London, Milan, and Dubai to the Relais & Chateaux Villa Gallici in Aix-en-Provence and the Relais & Chateaux Royal Champagne in Epernay, Spagnulo & Partners is among the European leaders in architecture and interior design projects for luxury residences and hotels.

S&P_Federico Spagnulo

The style concept is further developed with each new project, transforming into a tailor-made experience.

Federico Spagnulo, founder of the firm in collaboration with Alessandra Carbone and Andrea Spagnulo, talks about one of the latest projects: Palazzo Portinari Salvati in Florence.

"Built by the Portinari family who gave birth to Dante's muse, Beatrice, it was purchased by Jacopo Salviati, husband of Lucrezia de' Medici, in 1456, who enlarged and modified it into what today is a magnificent example of Florentine Renaissance architecture.Some of the great figures in the city's history lived and dwelt among the courtyards and halls, amidst frescoed ceilings and marble floors, inspiring the interior design. A place where over the centuries the stories of great men and women have taken place, including Jacopo Salviati, the Gonfaloniere, who signed Michelangelo's commission to sculpt the David, Lionardo Salviati, founder of the Accademia della Crusca, and Filippo Salviati, one of Galileo Galilei's closest friends. A palace that has hosted popes, cardinals, kings and queens, from Leo XI, a member of the Salviati family, to Maria de' Medici, queen of France, and Frederick IV of Denmark. Each room is dedicated to one of these great witnesses to the history of the palace and the city of Florence. The colors, materials and shapes of the Interior's design speak of their lives.  This way guests learn the untold and curious stories of the world's most beautiful Renaissance city."

Atlas Concorde in the world of hospitality

Atlas Concorde's hospitality research is evident in ceramic surfaces that express the company's vision with a stylistic and design language used for projects such as the Emerald Resort in Zanzibar, a beautiful place distinguished by luxury, intimacy, and hospitality, a mix of cultures and styles for which different earthy looks of Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles were chosen.

Atlas Concorde_Hilton Sky Bar_Hungary_006
Atlas Concorde_Hilton Sky Bar_Hungary_005

The wonderful Atlas Beach Fest in Bali located on the iconic Berawa waterfront is also clad with the contemporary appeal of Atlas Concorde collections.

The Elements Hotels by Westin, a US luxury hotel chain owned by the Marriott International Group, chose Atlas Concorde for its spaces in Nashville, the capital of country music and home to the venues that have made history in American music legend.

AC Westin 22

One of the world’s quintessential terrestrial paradises, Fasmedoo Island, is home to the Emerald Maldives Resort, conceived and built by combining a tropical backdrop with Atlas Concorde's modern design.

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