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A selection of projects with Atlas Concorde products

Our references
Be inspired by professional architects
A functional, welcoming office space
The looks of various materials replicated in porcelain tiles made by Atlas Concorde furnish Holyart's headquarters.
Reggio EmiliaItaly
A residential space overlooking the sea
Overlooking Wellington Harbor, Petone Home combines a refined beauty with innovative design thanks to Atlas Concorde's marble-effect porcelain tiles.
New Zealand
Atlas Concorde for the Dubai Mall: The most-visited shopping center in the world
Atlas Concorde's resin- and concrete-effect surfaces were chosen for the recent expansion of the Dubai Mall, the UAE's premier shopping center. Located in downtown Dubai, in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa, it is considered the city’s main hub for shopping, entertainment, and leisure.
DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
The allure of ceramic tiles in the Swiss mountains
In the heart of the majestic Swiss mountains, Hôtel des Horlogers opts for Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles in its interiors.
Le BrassusSwitzerland
The charm of the Testoni Boutique in Milan
A high-end shopping experience: Atlas Concorde's marble-effect porcelain tiles were used to help create a unique shopping experience for Amedeo Testoni customers.
Surfaces with a modern look a Dutch rooftop
Atlas Concorde's incredible combination of modern esthetics and innovative use of stone-effect porcelain tiles stylishly decorates the rooftop of Our Domain in Rotterdam.
Designer surfaces for Doryssa Theorem Hotel
An oasis of peace and relaxation for a luxury experience on the Greek island of Samos. Atlas Concorde's travertine-effect porcelain tiles furnish the Doryssa Theorem Hotel.
Designer outdoor space for a sports complex in Belgium
Architecture as the setting for a space where sport takes center stage: the Gantoise Gent in Belgium blends fitness and design thanks to Atlas Concorde's stone-effect porcelain tiles.
Materials that interact with the Greek landscape at the San Antonio Resort
The spaces of the San Antonio Resort in Corfu are designed to create harmony between humanity and the environment. The surfaces of Atlas Concorde are key to this interaction.
A Spanish home with a contemporary look
With their delicate nuances, Atlas Concorde concrete-look porcelain tiles define the contemporary esthetic of a Spanish residence. Explore the project.
Contemporary design and charm for Zanzibar's Emerald Resort
A mix of cultures and styles: this is how the various earthy looks of Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles define the soul of Zanzibar's Emerald Resort. Explore the project.
Minimalist look for Babette Milan
Minimal chic style thanks to marble-effect porcelain tiles for the refined Babette Milan beauty center. Explore the project.
Atlas Concorde: porcelain tiles for Qatar 2022
Atlas Concorde ceramics have been selected for internationally renowned architectural projects. For example, we find them welcoming visitors at the world's largest exhibition center, the Hanover Fair; as well as in the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, designed by HOK; or in the brightly lit spaces of the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul, designed by Gensler; not to mention in Newtown Station in Australia, renovated according to a project by JHA Consulting Engineers.
Al KhorQatar
Marble-effect glam style for B The Hotel
B The Hotel blends modernity and luxury in a new concept of glamorous hospitality thanks to Atlas Concorde marble- and metal-effect porcelain tiles. Explore the project.
Sfantul GheorgheRomania
Atlas Concorde: stone-effect porcelain tiles for Hilton Budapest
Overlooking the Danube, the skybar at the Hilton Budapest offers a contemporary reinterpretation of luxury thanks to stone-effect porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde. Explore the project.
Atlas Concorde for an English Mediterranean-style villa
Just a stone's throw from London, a private villa is colored with traditional Mediterranean style thanks to Atlas Concorde's concrete-effect porcelain tiles. Explore the project.
BromleyUnited Kingdom
Atlas Concorde for a luxury beach club in Bali
Located on the iconic Berawa waterfront, the Atlas Beach Fest in Bali is decorated with contemporary charm thanks to stone-effect porcelain tiles from Atlas Concorde. Explore the project.
The alluring beauty of porcelain tiles in a location for luxury events
The indoor and outdoor spaces of the Vechiul Cazinou in Arad are dressed elegantly by the refined beauty of porcelain tiles for public spaces from Atlas Concorde. Learn more.
The elegance of porcelain tiles for a luxury residential complex in Korea
The sophistication and earthy strength of Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles have converted the residential spaces of a prestigious complex in South Korea into an oasis of comfort and elegance.
Gawangju cityKorea, South
Porcelain tiles for a luxury residential complex in Oakland
The striking, contemporary earthy looks of Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles transform the residential spaces of a luxury complex in Oakland into elegantly designed spaces.
OacklandUnited States
Atlas Concorde for Sky Pool in London
The elegance of simplicity: that's the description of the elevated swimming pool at the Sky Pool Embassy Gardens in London, where Atlas Concorde stone-effect porcelain tile are used to decorate the terrace floors.
LondonUnited Kingdom
Concrete-look floors for a private residence in Belgium
Continuity between indoor spaces and outdoor floors, a balanced interaction that increases esthetic potential: Atlas Concorde sets the tone in an elegant Belgian residence.
A pediatric hospital designed by Renzo Piano
With a cross shape approach inspired by the historic Ca Granda del Filarete in Milan, Atlas Concorde participated in the project for the new pediatric hospital in Uganda, commissioned by Emergency.
Luxury villa in Memphis
A new paradigm of beauty and functionality: Atlas Concorde's concrete-effect porcelain tiles decorate the exterior floors of a luxurious private villa.
MemphisUnited States
Private pool in St. Emilion
Minimalist design and style for a perfect outdoor setting, Atlas Concorde's concrete-effect porcelain tiles add a touch of glamor to the poolside of a private French villa.
St. EmilionFrance
Hotel Garden Park
In a picture-perfect setting, Atlas Concorde's concrete-effect porcelain tiles give the Hotel Garden Park in the Vinschgau Valley an elegant, contemporary look. Learn more
Prato dello StelvioItaly
Atlas Concorde beauty and functionality for The One Hotel
Located on the picturesque Venetian coast, The One Hotel has selected Atlas Concorde stone- and marble-effect porcelain tiles to furnish its spaces.
Atlas Concorde porcelain pavers for an outdoor pool
Atlas Concorde's stone-effect porcelain tiles pave the area surrounding an outdoor private pool in a peaceful town in the Netherlands.
West Maas en WaalNetherlands
Atlas Concorde design for the Sanya Edition Hotel <br> Cina
In China, on the exclusive island of Hainan, the Sanya Edition Hotel has chosen stone-effect porcelain tiles from Atlas Concorde to furnish its interior spaces.
The VDL Groep headquarters with Atlas Concorde products
In the Dutch city of Eindhoven, the multinational VDL Groep chose wood-effect porcelain tiles from Atlas Concorde to give its headquarters' exterior flooring an authentic look.
Atlas Concorde solutions for the W Hotel in Osaka
Culture and lifestyle blend together in the Japanese metropolis thanks to the elegance of marble-look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde, protagonists of the W Hotel in Osaka.
BT Group offices decorated with Atlas Concorde
In the town of Lesmo in Brianza the elegance of marble-effect porcelain tiles and wood-effect porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde was used to furnish the offices of BT Group with style and character.
Atlas Concorde decorates Memo Bar with style
On the picturesque hills of the city of Plovdiv, the charm of marble-effect porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde distinguish the style of Memo Bar & Dinner.
Atlas Concorde design <br> Rome, Italy
In the heart of Rome, thanks to stone-look outdoor porcelain tiles a private villa is colored with the appeal and practicality of Atlas Concorde products.
Atlas Concorde solutions for designing an oasis of wellness <br> Reims , France
Marble-look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde furnish the spa of La Caserne Chanzy Hotel. Learn more
Mercure Samarinda Hotel <br> Indonesia
With a view on the magnificent Mahakam River, the Mercure Samarinda Hotel combines beauty and comfort also by using its unique Atlas Concorde marble-effect porcelain stoneware, which contributed to the creation of a sophisticated and hospitable atmosphere.
Private Pool featuring Atlas Concorde
In the Netherlands, in the land of tulips, the stone- and wood-look surfaces of Atlas Concorde adorn the pool area of a private residence with elegance and warmth.
Radisson Blu Kiev <br /> Ucraine
Concrete and innovative: with its texture rich in strength and appeal, the stone effect of Atlas Concorde collections adorns the Radisson Blu Hotel located in the historic city center of Kiev.
Pegli Promenade <br> Italy
In the charming seaside village of Pegli, where echoes of past traditions and contemporary styles coexist, Atlas Concorde materials respond to this combination by elegantly decorating the promenade.
Berkeley Homes - Royal Arsenal Riverside <br> London, UK
Atlas Concorde's balanced mix of earthy inspirations recalling marble and concrete brings tiles Made in Italy to the Berkeley Group's new apartments.
LondonUnited Kingdom
Spa Hotel Mirage
Combining beauty, practicality and extreme versatility, Atlas Concorde's interpretation of natural stone in porcelain tiles take center stage at the Mirage Resort.
Viseu de susRomania
Roadhouse Restaurant <br> Cremona, Italy
Roadhouse Restaurant welcomes its guests with the superior technical and esthetic performance of Atlas Concorde ceramic collections
Element Hotel by Westin
American music, especially country music, has its home in Nashville, with venues that have made history and that continue to make it a legendary city. It's also home to Element Hotel by Westin, an American luxury hotel chain owned by Marriott International.
NashvilleUnited States
Steigenberger Hotel & Spa design
In the picturesque Wachau Valley, among numerous vintage taverns and art galleries, lies the city of Krems an der Donau, an ancient town on the Danube that enjoys an exclusive natural landscape surrounded by greenery.
Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa <br> Maldives
In one of the earth's paradises located on the island of Fasmendhoo, where sky and sea meet to create unique emotions, rises the Emerald Maldives Resort, designed and built by combining tropical scenery with modern design.
Fasmendhoo Island - Maldive
Pit Lane Red Passion
Metropolitan design and simple shapes, enhanced by shades of gray and the elegant touch of Ferrari Red: these are the elements that set apart the spaces of Pit Lane in Maranello.
Bois de Nefles private villa
Exploring Île de la Réunion, the French jewel in the Indian Ocean, a true natural paradise welcomes tourists to discover the country and the island's attractions.
La ReuinionFrance
Bridge House
A house immersed in a lush natural setting where light enters and shapes the large spaces that have been skillfully furnished with pieces of design and contemporary art, the Bridge House in Los Angeles is a demonstration of innovative systems and cutting-edge processes.
Los AngelesUnited States
LIU•JO Flagshipstore
An elegant environment with attention to every detail designed by the Christopher Ward studio of Reggio Emilia is the home of the new LIU•JO flagship store featuring windows overlooking Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, one of the city center's most important streets.
Modern private residence
In the archipelago of the Mascarene Islands, between Mauritius and Rodrigues, lies Réunion, a fascinating place where the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean lap spectacular expanses of sand and frame the deep green of unspoiled nature.
Saint LouisFrance
Reykjavík Konsúlat Hotel - Curio Collection by Hilton
When you enter the Reykjavík Konsúlat Hotel - Curio Collection by Hilton in Reykjavik history and style combine to create a refined, elegant atmosphere.
Contemporary private villa
Situated on the Via Francigena and known all over the world for its wines, Asti boasts thousands of years of history whose echoes live on in a multitude of medieval monuments.
Pàrisi Udvar Hotel
Inside a magnificent shopping arcade in Budapest built at the beginning of the 20th century we find the Párisi Udvar Hotel, distinguished by an eclectic style featuring a coordinated mixture of different architectural styles.
Fontanabianca, Winery
In the heart of Neive, among the hills where grapes are grown to make Barbaresco, an area that has always been dedicated to wine, is the Fontanabianca winery, a place that has made quality its raison d'être.
Das Edelweiss Mountain Resort
In the city whose name means "salt village" and that was the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg is the little capital of the Baroque style and of music, surrounded by forests and with a majestic fortress overlooking apartment buildings and villas. The city is framed by 19th century houses, castles and convents, all arranged like a perfect, harmonious architectural model.
Hotel Beukenhof
Together with the buildings of the former weaver De Ploeg, the Hotel Beukenhof is one of the most famous places in Bergeijk. A place surrounded by a certain mysticism, an old presbytery house hidden among large beeches and oaks, transformed into a residential destination with a unique design. The monumental character of the existing building has been transformed into a new construction that stands out for its contemporary design and use of refined materials.
La Rotonde Restaurant, Hotel Negresco
In the heart of a region of timeless beauty and the capital of the Côte d'Azur, Nice is a city of history, architecture, culture and art, preserving the charm of a Mediterranean city with a wide variety of places to visit.
The Block NZ
An ancient yet modern city and a destination for those who decide to take a vacation in New Zealand, Auckland has beautiful landscapes, interesting buildings and historic districts and extraordinary ethnic events.
AucklandNew Zealand
Grand Hotel Valies
Located in a unique location in the center of Roermond, Holland, on the bank of the Roer river, the Grand Hotel Valies is a charming hotel where you can enjoy an atmosphere that recalls past eras. For years its central location has made it one of the most popular hotels in the city because of its proximity to many tourist attractions.
Blends Bar
Dotted with luxurious shops, fine restaurants, and exclusive clubs, the city of Glyfada is the heart of Athenian social life and has earned itself the nickname of the Greek Beverly Hills.
QO Amsterdam
Versatile and timeless. These are the adjectives that best describe the spirit of Amsterdam, a city capable of being both ancient and modern, provincial and cosmopolitan. Holland's capital, known for its welcoming Bruin Cafés, masterpieces by renowned artists like Van Gogh and Rembrandt, and an extensive network of canals, has always been a tourist destination for millions of visitors every year.
New Corman headquarters
Finding new roads, following different paths and developing innovative and sustainable ideas: it is with this spirit that Corman has opened the doors of its new headquarters in Lacchiarella. With this choice, the company has started a new chapter in its history in a greener and more responsible setting. All the company's activities – logistics, production, and offices – have thus been brought together into a single site that looks to the future with a greener and more sustainable perspective.
UGC De Pan
One of the most beautiful golf courses in the Netherlands, the Utrecht Golf Club De Pan in the Dutch town of Bosch en Duin, is a jewel hidden in unspoiled nature.
Hasselt town hall
Defined as the Belgian city of fashion and juniper, Hasselt is a lively and dynamic place offering state-of-the-art sports and leisure facilities, fine shops and excellent restaurants.
Leo Wagon
An old railway car situated in the heart of the historic center of the Belgian town of Bastogne is the setting where the Leo Wagon restaurant welcomes its guests.
New Luisa Spagnoli Boutique
An iconic nerve center of international fashion, Milan offers visitors an open-air museum of architectural beauty and unrivaled shopping venues. One of the most famous streets – Corso Vittorio Emanuele – has become a favorite for many luxury brands in recent years, the high amount of foot traffic traveling between Piazza Duomo and Piazza San Babila making it the ideal position for their businesses.
The Lithuanian company Teltonika has renovated its look: located in the capital of Vilnius, the firm that produces platforms and services for the Internet has in fact chosen Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles inspired by Venetia for the indoor floors and walls of its reception area.
B&B Il Giardino dei Semplici
Il Giardino dei Semplici B&B is situated in one of the most charming piazzas of Pisa's city center, just a few steps from the Tower of Pisa and Piazza dei Cavalieri. The recently renovated building offers a modern hospitality service inside an ancient building that overlooks the first university botanical garden, dating back to the Medici era in the Renaissance.
Novelli Poggesi Studio
Based on the combination of simplicity and elegance of materials, Studio Novelli Poggesi is a building distinguished by its attention to detail, a focus that starts from its overall architecture and extends down to the smallest particulars.
Collesalvetti (LI)Italy
Mouille Point Apartments
Situated in one of the most beautiful suburbs of the Atlantic coast, Mouille Point Village occupies one of the most prestigious locations in Cape Town. Like the famous Bantry Bay promenade where guests can take long scenic walks and enjoy designer cafés, the new residential building reflects a wide range of tastes.
Cape TownSouth Africa
Hotel Ras
Hotel Ras in Gatteo Mare is a refined hotel with a maritime appeal that offers tourists and businesspeople an exclusive stay with a wide range of services. One of these is RasSerenity, the modern Spa that offers an oasis of wellbeing within the hotel.
Gatteo Mare (FC)Italy
Domus Funeraria “Remondina”
Following an American tradition, the number of funeral homes is increasing in Italy. Specifically designed for the function, these structures must comply with very strict sanitary rules and satisfy strict construction codes.
Business Center Panorama
The Panorama Business Center is located in the "white city" of Belgorod, a city in the southwestern part of Russia where charming gypsum hills frame the businesses that develop in the area.
BelgorodRussian Federation
Gotha Cosmetics
Situated in the Bergamo suburbs, Gotha Cosmetics has a new look: located in the municipality of Lallio, the company that develops and produces make-up products for the B2B market has inaugurated its new headquarters, the result of the project designed by the Iarchitects architecture studio.
Lallio (BG)Italy
Arena Bucatarilor
With its baroque facades and Gothic spires that convey a bohemian charm, Brasov is Romania's top city for culture and history. In a retro setting, innovation finds its place in the cooking area of ​​Arena Bucatarilor, the most important national cooking competition for professional chefs.
Mediterraneo Emotional Hotel & SPA
The Mediterraneo Emotional Hotel & SPA occupies the premises of a marvellous 19th century palace in the heart of Santa Margherita Ligure, just a few feet from the sea.
Santa Margherita Ligure (Ge)Italy
Pietra Perla Reception
"Expanding boundaries, horizons, capturing space and transforming it into new, modern, and welcoming lines": it is with this leitmotiv that the Pietra Perla reception hall in Sannicandro di Bari welcomes its guests, accompanying them in an experience where exclusivity and elegance reign supreme.
Sannicandro di BariItaly
Pilot Beach Resort
Pilot Beach Resort is located on the northwest coast of Crete, in the bay of Almyros near the picturesque fishing village of Georgioupolis, in a setting of incomparable beauty. Considered one of the best five-star hotels in Crete, it offers top-notch services that convey the spirit of community and hospitality that have always distinguished the island.
AC Hotel Spartanburg
The AC Hotel Spartanburg in South Carolina blends the old with the new in a style that – in every detail – emphasizes a European refinement designed for business and leisure travelers. Built with almost 250,000 bricks, the hotel has a modern facade covered by a barrel-tile roof. The interiors incorporate crown moldings, raised panels and other traditional architectural details juxtaposed with modern fixtures, furnishings and works of art, while the rooms are designed with a subtle western sensibility: neutral colors, elegant furnishings, natural lighting and an open sense of space.
SpartanburgUnited States
Rodos Palace Hotel
Marble and wood: these are the natural elements that inspire the ceramic surfaces of the floors and walls of some rooms in the Rodos Palace Hotel, one of the finest and most luxurious hotels in the Greek town of Rhodes. Both harmoniously combine beauty and practicality to successfully achieve the objective set by the architectural project: decorating the spaces with a strong, unique personality focusing on a style that is distinct and refined yet authentic and natural.
SPA Exentia
Designed to offer its customers an extraordinary experience of wellness and relaxation, the Exentia spa – an integral part of the luxurious Riviera & Maximilian's Hotel & Spa – also conveys an exceptional sense of comfort, innovation and elegance through the furnishing of its spaces.
Hotel Terentnerhof
The Terentnerhof Hotel in Terento (South Tyrol) owes its success not only to the beautiful surrounding natural landscape, but also to the care and taste with which its spaces are furnished. From the suites to the restaurant, the wellness area and the panoramic terrace, nothing has been left to chance: every detail is an expression of a refined design and chosen specifically for a classy ​​atmosphere that is also suitable for families.
Ghibli Hotel
Being guests of the brand new Ghibli Hotel in Civitanova Marche means enjoying a four-star stay with a view of the sea, where the appeal of the natural landscape is joined by the glamor of a refined taste, the protagonist of the hotel's interior design.
Civitanova MarcheItaly
Hotel Marin
Hotel Marin in Lignano Sabbiadoro offers all the best comforts in the hospitality world with a modern and refined design.
Lignano SabbiadoroItaly
Swimming pool, private villa
Situated in one of the most beautiful suburbs of the Atlantic coast, Mouille Point Village occupies one of the most prestigious locations in Cape Town. Like the famous Bantry Bay promenade where guests can take long scenic walks and enjoy designer cafés, the new residential building reflects a wide range of tastes.
Pratovecchio StiaItaly
Central Park shopping mall
In Kursk in western Russia, the Central Park shopping center not only offers a wide range of shopping opportunities but also fun and wellness.
KurskRussian Federation
Seilbahn Zugpiste
At 2,962 meters, Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany. It is home to three glaciers, four restaurants and an extraordinary 360° panorama with views of over 400 Alpine peaks of four different nations.
Canton Club
A swimming lesson, weight training in the gym or a yoga class for families. But also a light lunch at the bar or a refreshing lap in the pool that occupies most of the roof: the Merritt Club is all this and much more. This is evident from its nine facilities situated throughout Baltimore that offer a range of diverse and innovative fitness and wellness activities.
BaltimoraUnited States
Olympic Palace Resort Hotel & Convention Center
A flourishing business, innovative services and opportunities for relaxation and luxury entertainment. The Olympic Palace Resort Hotel and Convention Center of Rhodes has all the elements necessary to offer its guests memorable stays.
Clark Hotel Budapest
Downtown Budapest on the banks of the Danube: the Clark Hotel stands majestically in a striking setting that combines enchanting natural views with a fascinating historical and architectural heritage.
Little Caesars Arena
Officially inaugurated in September 2017, the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit is not only home to the Red Wings hockey team and the Pistons basketball team, but also an ideal location for some of the most sought-after concerts in the international music scene or for business conventions.
DetroitUnited States
Villa Demetra
It looks like marble, but it isn't: the floors and walls of Villa Demetra – a luxurious building used as an events hall a few miles from Foggia – are majestic expressions of the esthetic and design power of Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles.
Cerignola (FG)Italy
Yacht Village
Spacious tree-lined gardens, a play area for kids, a large outdoor pool, and a sunbathing area, all in front of one of the most beautiful views of the Taranto coastline. It seems like a dream, but it is pure reality, with a precise name and geographical indication: Yacht Village Taranto. Recently constructed, the Yacht Village is a residential complex that with its 24 apartments and a spacious common area suitable for guests of all ages offers the possibility to enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape of the Apulian city.
Hotel Tigullio Royal
Hotel Tigullio Royal is a delightful 4-star hotel located on the seafront of Rapallo, Liguria.
Rapallo (GE)Italy
Tànsuŏ Restaurant
Located in the northernmost part of ​​Nashville, Tànsuŏ restaurant is a tribute to Chinese cuisine and its most creative dishes. Spacious and designed down to the smallest detail, the restaurant is situated in a single room with a mezzanine floor.
NashvilleUnited States
Villa Alba
Sometimes magic springs from the tiniest details, like an orchestra creating a melody in perfect harmony. Sometimes it is nearly too good to be true. Sometimes every detail falls exactly in place, and nothing else would have done.
Alba (CN)Italy
La Gravina
A fairy-tale ambiance for enchanting receptions: this is La Gravina, the reception hall that rises over the gorge of Massafra (TA). Developed across three floors, it has beautifully landscaped gardens outside featuring ponds, waterfalls, and fountains offering guests a scenic setting.
Massafra (TA)Italy
Olympus Taste
Sometimes, natural elements that may not seem obvious companions - being far apart aesthetically and constitutionally - when backed by insight and elegance can, in fact, be on the same wavelength and come up with stylistic innovation. This is the case of the indoor flooring at Olympus Taste, an exclusive restaurant situated within the hospital complex Olympus Health in the Russian city of Voronezh.
VoronezhRussian Federation
Green Supermarket IKI
Three thousand square meters of wood-effect porcelain tiles cover the interior and exterior spaces of Vilnius’s Green Supermarket IKI, in the heart of Lithuania. Supplying these high performance floor and wall tiles was one of Atlas Concorde’s most recent challenges.
Olympus Health
The ultra-elegant environment could easily convince you that you are a star stepping into a five star hotel, rather than entering a hospital. Make no mistake, this is Olympus Health, the largest private hospital of Voronezh, in south-west Russia.
VoronezhRussian Federation
An ancient port founded in the 13th century overlooks the coast that separates the Baltic Sea from the lagoon of the same name 180 km from Riga. It is the Latvian city of Liepāja, home to more than 80,000 inhabitants, which through its narrow alleys, cathedrals, and pointed roofs conveys the unmistakable taste of the eastern cities.
Hyosung Harrington Place
Located north of the Han River, Gangbuk District is one of the 25 districts that make up the city of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Contemporary and residential, Gangbuk is just a few miles from the city's major tourist sites and is home to two of the city's most renowned universities.
SeoulKorea, South
Hôtel du Golf
"Book your luxury stay." The message to visitors to the Hôtel du Golf website is clear, inviting them to a charming hotel nestled in a sea of ​​green, far from the hustle and bustle of the city center but close to the pleasures of Deauville, a refined and elite location on the Côte Fleurie in Normandy.
Private residence in Carpi
In Carpi, in the province of Modena, Atlas Concorde was chosen for the porcelain stoneware floors and white clay wall tiles of a luxurious private residential villa featuring spacious interiors and an equally large outdoor area. Six ceramic collections from the company were used to furnished the rooms of the house, employed in different shades depending on their role.
Marriott Hotel
5 stars, 19 floors, 221 rooms. Not to mention 2 restaurants, 9 conference halls and 1 fitness center including a beauty center, a spa, and a swimming pool.
VoronezhRussian Federation
Novara South-North Service Area
Completed last July, the renovation of the large Novara South and North "bridge" service area (on the Milan - Turin A4 highway) gives a new look to a structure of both local and national importance, as the old "autogrill" was the first experiment with highway food service in Italy.
St. Joseph Gate private residence
Perfect combination of classic character and modern luxury, the apartments in the private residential complex of St. Joseph Gate are an oasis of tranquility and elegance in North London. Reflecting an avant-garde architectural culture, they use high-class materials and furnishings chosen to offer solutions of exclusive comfort.
LondraUnited Kingdom
The Mockingbird
North American tradition and stylistic legacy join technological innovation and the most avant-garde designs in architecture under the Stars and Stripes. The Mockingbird of Nashville is a modern and comfortable restaurant, with a metropolitan look dramatized by its floors in ceramic tiles by Atlas Concorde.
NashvilleUnited States
Located on the very busy Revolution Avenue of Voronezh - a city in southwestern European Russia not far from the Ukrainian border - the Tsum shopping center boasts 62 years of activity. Built in 1956, the Russian shopping mall was completely renovated between 2016 and 2017. But it was a makeover of the soul, not the face: the original facade dating back to the Soviet period remains unchanged, while the interior rooms underwent a modern transformation.
VoronezhRussian Federation
Podere dei Nespoli
Generous, flavorful and welcoming, Romagna is a land that thrives on the good life: the beauty of the landscape never fails to be celebrated in the company of friends and family, with a rich meal and a good glass of red wine.
9 Brick Hotel
Classic elements and modern design intermingle within the 9Brick hotel, a facility that recalls the look of the metropolitan city of Seoul where past and present coexist. The 9Brick hotel is distinguished by a design able to satisfy art lovers and those who want to enjoy a relaxing peace in the chaos of the city center.
SeoulKorea, South
Private residence in St. Chapel, London
Creativity. This seems to be the underlying theme for the architectural and decorative design of a luxurious private residence in London that has incorporated the esthetic and functional quality of Atlas Concorde ceramic tiles to furnish some of its primary spaces with charm.
LondonUnited Kingdom
Muji store
A central hub of the fashion world and international business, Milan becomes the meeting place between East and West thanks to the opening of the Muji store, a Japanese brand that offers a wide range of good quality products including home accessories, clothing, and food.
Milan (MI)Italy
Youphoria Beach Front Villas
Located on the northwest coast of the beautiful island of Crete, Youphoria Villas are a fantastic example of Greek elegance. High quality furnishings and ecological characteristics reinterpreted in an innovative design make the villas the ideal place for a dream holiday.
Kissamos, CretaGreece
Villa Big Blue
The majestic Villa Big Blue in Greece is a spectacle for the eyes and a gift for the heart. Surrounded by beautiful landscaping, basketball courts and areas for other sports, it also features a helipad and access to a private beach. Its generous open interior offers glimpses orchestrated by the natural landscape and man-made architecture. Composed of six master bedrooms with private bathroom, a cellar, a cinema and a spa area, the Villa was entirely designed inside and out by architect and furniture designer Rena Mania, who also detailed the stylistic elements of the furnishings.
DK Engineering
Ferrari Specialist: this is how DK Engineering defines itself, the company that for decades has been a standard-bearer in England of the ingenious and esthetic jewels created by the minds of the rampant pony. Maintenance services, sales, rental of racing cars, preparation on a racetrack for motor racing: here everything is red and speaks the language of elegance and luxury. Recently, DK Engineering expanded a showroom in the northern suburbs of London to respond effectively and speedily to growing demand for its services. Nearly doubling the environment, the new exhibition space houses numerous work stations and deep washers, some ramps and a diagnostic center.
LondraUnited Kingdom
Lesante Blu Beach Resort
At the point where sky meet sea, where the definition of borders leaves room for creating fantastic horizons, the Greek island of Zakynthos represents a corner of earthly paradise.
Zakintos, ZanteGreece
Hurst Cottage
The architectural design of a delightful family cottage in Berkshire County in south-eastern England is a hymn to the elegance of marble and the strength of stone.
BerkshireUnited Kingdom
Roadhouse Fidenza
Roadhouse reached an important milestone last May, when the first steakhouse chain in Italy opened its 100th restaurant in Fidenza, in the province of Parma. Situated in a strategic location, close to the motorway exit of the Emilia-Romagna town, the locale boasts evocative corners and generous spaces, all characterized by the unmistakable underground style that has now become a trademark of the brand.
Fidenza (PR)Italy
La Fenice
Everybody knows: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, though, everybody agrees. This is the case of La Fenice Receptions, the sumptuous villa in Palermo situated on the hills overlooking the municipality of Trabia, embracing - with just one glance - the gulf of Palermo to Cefalù. It's a beauty that takes away the breath of guests to the villa who use its four halls for organizing various events with a large number of guests.
Trabia (PA)Italy
Elegance, originality, personality. These were the guidelines that inspired the design of the FAROIL headquarters - the company in the province of Mantua specialized in the field of hydraulic cylinders - and that found a valuable ally in Atlas Concorde's porcelain tiles.
G Hotel Pescara
Four stars, 76 top-flight rooms, four suites. Hotel G in Pescara is distinguished by its air of luxury, conceived, designed, and built to offer maximum wellbeing to customers on the Adriatic coast. If you add to this the originality of Italian design and the warm welcome of a specialized staff, it becomes evident why this hotel has no difficulty attracting tourists seeking refinement and relaxation.
Pescara (PE)Italy
Dallai S.r.l
Founded more than 50 years ago based on the entrepreneurial insight of the brothers Giuliano and Giancarlo, Dallai S.r.l. is one of the world's leading producers of irrigation joints, distinguished globally by its quality, innovation, dynamic character and the robust nature of its products. Recognized internationally, the company has its roots in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, more precisely in Reggiolo, in the province of Reggio Emilia.
Reggiolo (RE)Italy
La Rondine Reception
A pleasant hilly breeze, the fresh aroma of Mediterranean vegetation, the majesty of a unique landscape in its artistic and natural peculiarities: this is the experience that can be enjoyed by those who decide to spend a few hours at "La Rondine", a spacious hall for any kind of reception, from classic to modern, traditional to alternative. Founded in 2007 and conveying a clear New Classic style, the hall features sophisticated and sumptuous furnishings, making it an ideal venue for events of great class.
Mirabella Imbaccari (CT)Italy
The Ridge Hotel
The warm atmosphere of Atlas Concorde's wood-effect Etic porcelain tiles adds life to the dining room of the Ridge Hotel, the exclusive American resort in Lake Geneva, the Wisconsin town on the shores of the lake of the same name. The authenticity and naturalness of Atlas Concorde floors adorn the hall of one of the favorite destinations of those looking for relaxation and wellness in the Great Lakes region, the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world.
Lake Geneva, WisconsinUnited States
Grand Mercure Wellington
Mixing different architectural styles ranging from wooden houses of the 19th century like Katherine Mansfield's Birthplace to Art Deco structures visible in the old district of Wellington Free Ambulance, the New Zealand city of Wellington offers visitors a wide range of styles that go from retro to avant-garde.
WellingtonNew Zealand
Kasanova headquarters
Brightness, thermal and acoustic comfort, and great attention to the functionality of spaces: this is the spirit behind the design of the new Kasanova headquarters, the brand of household items founded in Italy in the second half of the 20th century. Home to the commercial and administrative offices, the brand headquarters includes a large common area dedicated to employee well-being and relaxation.
Arcore (Mi)Italy
Orsay Flagship Store
Atlas Concorde was chosen for the new flagship store of Orsay, the women's clothing brand that recently opened an original and modern retail outlet in the center of Düsseldorf, Germany. Thanks to a total of almost 700 square meters of tiles, the porcelain tiles of the Italian ceramic firm adorn the floors and walls of the premises, giving them uniqueness and character according to the different collections used.
Arthotel ANA Momentum
The German hotel Momentum, crown jewel of the Arthotel ANA chain located in the heart of Göppingen - a small town 40 km from Stuttgart - has made the mixing of styles, art and design its strength. Here, in fact, the main aesthetic trends of the 1950s and 1960s coexist harmoniously with the modern and high-tech culture of the 21st century, defining the indoor spaces of the structure.
Hotel Imperiale
Hotel Imperiale is a modern four-star hotel featuring elegant conference rooms, spacious bedrooms, comfortable relaxation spaces and original dining areas. Located in the town of Oświęcim, in the southern part of Poland, the hotel is the ideal accommodation for tourists and business travelers.
Pagani Automobili headquarters
Grandeur and extreme elegance. These are the first impressions of those who come across the new Pagani Automobili headquarters, the historic Italian car manufacturer founded by the Italian Argentine Horacio Pagani. Built next to the old factory and completed in September 2016, the new home of one of the most renowned brands in the international automotive landscape covers an area of 6,000 square meters on two floors hosting the showroom, warehouse, and museum.
S. Cesario sul Panaro (MO)Italy
Snow Valley private residence
Crans-Montana, a tourist resort located in Switzerland's French-speaking canton of Valais, offers a breathtaking panorama. Located 1,476 m above sea level, the Swiss resort is a favorite destination for winter sports enthusiasts, especially for alpine skiing.
Tsum shopping mall
A triumph of materials, inspirations and shapes characterises Tsum, the futuristic shopping mall that stretches for 45,000 square meters in the heart of Kiev, hosting luxury brands of clothing and fine dining venues. The retail park, built in 1939 and completely renovated in 2016, is unique in the Ukrainian scene and uses the best suppliers in terms of aesthetic quality and technical functionality.
Residence in St. Peters
The renowned elegance of marble makes its entrance into the indoor spaces of a luxurious residence of St. Peters - the capital of Guernsey - thanks to two Atlas Concorde ceramic collections that, with Marvel and Marvel Pro, puts its signature on a project of extremely refined decor.
St. Peters, GuernseyUnited Kingdom
COIN Department Store
The Coin department store in the Carousel shopping centre, located in a strategic position in Carugate in the suburbs northeast of Milan, offers various shopping opportunities. Women's, men's and children's fashion, cosmetics and products for the home: a wide range of Italian and imported products are added every day to offer customers the best possible selection.
Milan (MI)Italy
Private residence in Jacksonville
Cement, resin, stone, marble, oxidised metal and wood: a mix of material inspirations that defines the surfaces of the Mark porcelain stoneware collection chosen to adorn the outdoor floors of a private residence in Jacksonville, the most populous city of the state of Florida, USA.
Jacksonville, FloridaUnited States
Private apartment in Port Soif
Five. That's how many Atlas Concorde collections were chosen to decorate the floors and walls of a private residence in the picturesque setting of Port Soif in Guernsey. Synergies between different material inspirations, sizes and shades distinguish the indoor and outdoor spaces of the apartment, demonstrating the extensive selection available, able to interpret different environments thanks to an enduring combination of aesthetics and functionality.
Port Soif, GuernseyUnited Kingdom
Private Residence
A modern residence located in Ecully in France is notable for its simple and natural character. The design of the outdoor spaces called for the use of Etic porcelain stoneware with a wood effect in a textured version, bringing to the outdoors the timeless appeal of wood essences rich in charm and history. The sunny areas are flanked by shadow-rich areas for total relaxation in harmony with the surrounding environment.
Private apartment in Rome
It's hard to choose which is the most beautiful view in Rome. The Capital is dotted with evocative monuments and places that fill the eye with beauty and bring to life a magnificent past. But there is a place where time seems to stop, a place where people from countries around the world come together to meet: the Trevi Fountain, magical and surreal, envied by tourists and a source of pride for the Romans.
Galgorm Resort & SPA
Spring into Luxury. That's the appealing invitation to visitors of Galgorm Resort & Spa's website, an elegant resort located 30 minutes from Belfast. Ideal for a relaxing stay, far from the bustle of the city, the luxurious Irish residence surrounded by nature has 122 suites accompanied by countless indoor and outdoor attractions and a selection of the most renowned national and international restaurant brands.
AntrimUnited Kingdom
Gioberti Art Hotel
Cozy, comfortable, contemporary: nestled in the picturesque setting of the Eternal City, near the famous Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and the timeless Baths of Diocletian, the Gioberti Art Hotel offers modern and hospitable spaces, combining avant-garde design and functional aesthetics.
Gedempte Tankgracht
The residential architectural project located at Gravenzade in southern Holland combines three different structures, LSTAR, ALICANTE and VICTORIA.
Golfbaan de Swinkelsche
Opened in late 2015, the Swinkelsche golf course in the Dutch city of Someren has been completely redesigned, expanding the main building and offering quality services to the public.
In the west district of the Dutch town of Wallwijk an innovative multifunctional structure was recently built, combining residential and commercial spaces in a single project of contemporary design.
Huiskes Mode Twello
The Mode Huiskes residential complex in the Dutch town of Twello has been completely redesigned, creating an innovative location with a clean and simple look. The outdoor flooring used for the project is the LASTRA 20mm version of Atlas Concorde's Trust collection.
Hotel Montreal
Completely renovated in 2016 using Atlas Concorde floor and wall tiles, the Montreal Hotel in Bibione, Venice is situated in a tranquil location 100 metres from the sea. The architectural project includes porcelain stoneware tiles with the look of wood, surfaces inspired by resin and cement, and yet others having a stone effect. Different inspiring materials are combined to create a space that is original, well-finished and exclusive.
Hotel Slovenija
Hotel Slovenia in Portorož is a modern five-star hotel immersed in the green Mediterranean countryside of Istria. In a project that combines the play of light and contemporary design stand out Atlas Concorde collections in porcelain stoneware with a marble effect, porcelain stoneware having a stone effect and solutions that have a concrete look.
4YOULODGE is a hotel complex located in Les Angles, France, immersed in the natural setting of the East Pyrenees.
Les AnglesFrance
Private garden
An elegant family home in Jacksonville, Florida in the United States built in a location with a beautiful view features Atlas Concorde outdoor tiles.
JacksonvilleUnited States
Family home in Ernestviller
At a family home in Ernestviller, France, elegant outdoor cement-effect porcelain stoneware tiles from Atlas Concorde intermingle with the surrounding natural environment.
Octopus Bar & Restaurant
Octopus Bar & Restaurant is a locale overlooking the sea in the Channel Islands. The charming location features a contemporary and natural style thanks to the use of porcelain stoneware wood-effect surfaces for the interior flooring and stone-effect porcelain stoneware for outdoor spaces.
Havelet BayUnited Kingdom
Chef Express - Frascati
The Chef Express service area in Frascati, Rome, the chain of the Cremonini group specialised in travel food service, was recently completed using Atlas Concorde floor and wall tiles.
Frascati (Ro)Italy
Cremonini Academy
Realised at the headquarters of Cremonini in Castelvetro, Cremonini Academy is a location dedicated to the training of foodservice employees. The space, recently redesigned with Atlas Concorde floor and wall tile collections, presents a style that is welcoming and dynamic.
Castelvetro (Mo)Italy
Department Store
The architectural design project of the Newcore Department Store in Seoul includes spaces where the sublime aesthetic of the design marble-effect porcelain stoneware makes indoor floors stand out. The contemporary character of the shopping area clads itself in natural style to welcome the numerous clothing and luxury accessory brands.
SeoulKorea, South
Kaye Scholer Headquarters
Atlas Concorde ceramic tiles were used during the realization for the new Kaye Scholer Headquarters project in New York distributed by Nemo Tile.
New YorkUnited States
Hotel Medical Spa
The Sniezka Medica Spa, a multipurpose hotel with great urban appeal, is located in Łomnica, Poland. Atlas Concorde floors and tiles help shape the contemporary design of the large spaces of this hotel. Every detail of the project and the choice of materials have been designed to give the best reception to an international clientele.
Villaverde Hotel & Resort
Situated amongst the hills and drumlins of Fagnana, the Villaverde Hotel&Resort was finished off with floor and wall tiles by Atlas Concorde. The accommodating structure is an eco sustainable contemporary building that develops out over four floors.Large windows and open spaces make it a welcoming and pleasant environment.
Fagagna (UD)Italy
Private Villa in Brest
An elegant family home in Jacksonville, Florida in the United States built in a location with a beautiful view features Atlas Concorde outdoor tiles.
Schmelmer Hof
Wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles from the Axi range by Atlas Concorde were used in the building of the Schmelmer Hotel. Located in the city of Bad Aibling in Germany, the hotel offers a fully-equipped spa, restaurant and indoor swimming-pool.
Bad AiblingGermany
Garda Golf Hotel
The Garda Golf Hotel&Residence is a design hotel built with surfaces in stone-effect porcelain stoneware by Atlas Concorde. The complex is located in the Swiss Alps, close to Crans- Montana. The hotel overlooks a golf course and is right in the heart of an important skiing area.
Crans-Montana (CH)Switzerland
Private villa in Lyon
In a private villa located in Lyon, France, the outdoor floors have been made using Axi wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles by Atlas Concorde. Contemporary style and design furnishing elements underline, with harmony, the up-to-date style of the architectural project.
Private villa in Bologna
For the construction of a large villa of soft and natural colours in the countryside near Bologna, various Atlas Concorde floor and wall-tiles collections were used. Stone and wood effect porcelain stoneware tiles highlight the volumes and geometries in interior design by coordinating with outdoor floors that surround the home. Atlas Concorde floor and wall tiles offer interesting cues and ideas for home furnishing.
Hotel Arnold
Completed in May 2015, the architectural project of the Hotel Arnold in Itterswiller in France offers guests a unique natural experience of relaxation. The focal point of the building is a large wellness centre of exclusive design for a personalised wellbeing experience, in which the Axi wood-look porcelain tile series by Atlas Concorde expresses all its alluring character.
Private villa in Neyron
In Neyron, France, a modern private villa with swimming-pool featuring an elegant and contemporary style was designed using outdoor and indoor flooring by Atlas Concorde.
Private villa Maison St. Didier Au Mont d’Or
The private villa Maison St.Didier in Au Mont d’Or opens up to nature with a spectacular swimming-pool surrounded by a terrace in total harmony with the green.
Park Hotel Delta Ascona
The Park Hotel Delta Ascona benefits from a privileged location in an oasis of tranquillity a few minutes from the city centres of Ascona and Locarno in Switzerland.
Private pool in Chatillon
In a luxury villa in Chatillon, Lyon, facing a soft hill, the concrete-look porcelain tiles of the Evolve series by Atlas Concorde adds character to the outdoor floors paving an elegant swimming-pool: the project is emphasised by the modern and marked character of ceramic tile surfaces that evoke brushed concrete.
Private outdoor terrace in Gobelsbach
A charming, contemporary style private villa with a swimming-pool in Gobelsbach in Germany was designed to create a large living solution surrounded by nature.
Fitness Center PHC
The large and modern architectural project of the Fitness Center Pro Health Club in Munich is characterised by the bright reception area from which guests can gain access to the gym and fitness centre itself.
Club Bouygues Velizy2
The creative idea behind the Store Club Bouygues Telecom, located in the Velizy2 shopping centre in Paris, is inspired by the desire of offering a public space that combines naturalness and functionality with a young and dynamic character.
Hotel Binkowski
Hotel Binkoski is the biggest hotel and congress centre in the Kielce region of Poland.
Telmet Headquarters
The Telmet office project is a new building complex with offices and business venues set in a green area close to Katowice, an internationally renowned business hub and one of the most lively and modern cities in Poland. The innovative business area was mainly covered using Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles, the result of careful aesthetic research and excellent technical properties such as resistance, durability, easy maintenance.
A contemporary mall centre, broad and spacious, created using installation patterns that make the interior design dynamic and cutting edge, a space that welcomes every day a great number of visitors in Zagreb, Croatia. Opened in 2014, the project develops on a large area covering 2,500 square metres.
Sheraton Hotel
A veritable urban oasis dedicated to hospitality, the Sheraton Hotel in Kecskemet is a project created using Atlas Concorde porcelain floor tiles, the protagonists of a venue rich in naturalness and design.
Parc Hotel du Lac
Tucked away in a a marvellous natural landscape, the Parc Hotel Du Lac that looks out onto Lake Levico, offers guests a breathtaking view and a tremendous breadth of services.
Levico (TN)Italy
Private villa in Aventura
In the private villa located in Aventura in Florida (USA), designed by the DKOR Interiors studio in Miami, some of the top Atlas Concorde collections were used, which highlight the pure design and the bright character of floors and walls.
Aventura, FloridaUnited States
Private villa in Guernsey
In the alluring atmosphere of Villa Guernsey, located in the untamed nature of the Channel Islands, the marble look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde were chosen to create different spaces of the house.
Channel IslandUnited Kingdom
Caffè Pio
Wood-look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde are the protagonists of Caffè Pio project, a charming and contemporary commercial venue dedicated to dining and entertainment in the heart of Budapest.
Caffè Moreno Headquarter
The new head office of Caffè Moreno was conceived as an innovative architectural project, where the contemporary soul of cement-look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde stands out.
Private villa in Kufstein
An alluring villa in Kufstein in Austria was designed using high performance solutions in stone look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde.
Private villa in Budapest
A bright residential space located in Budapest, designed by architects at the Kamaras Studio using the stunning and natural marble-look wall tiles of Marvel Wall Design collection.
Rome Airport T1 | Bar Centrale Moka
Etic, the wood-look porcelain tile collection by Atlas Concorde is the focus of the project for the Bar Centrale Moka, a dynamic commercial space set aside for the restaurant area and a venue visited by many flyers every day.
Rhyfel Village
The Rhyfel Village is a modern pools&fitness resort developed over a surface of 5000m² and promoting a new concept of wellness and sport.
Academy Mta
The historical headquarters of the Hungarian Science Academy (MTA Academy), an internationally renowned university centre, is characterised by modern offices covered using Atlas Concorde stone-look porcelain tiles.
Tokyu Harvest
The Tokyu Harvest Atami Club is a marvellous resort immersed in the greenery of the Sagamy Bay in Japan, where the buildings make best use of a combination of wood-look porcelain tiles and stone-look porcelain tiles able to perfectly integrated with the alluring natural surroundings.
Atlas Concorde floors and walls are at the core of the Brin69 project, an important urban design concept in Naples.
ATM Associate Bank
Marvel, marble-look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde selected for the business location.
MinneapolisUnited States
Private villa in Portomaso
A marvellous residential location in Portomaso, on the island of Malta, has been recently been finished using Atlas Concorde marble-look ceramic tiles.
Mala Garden Hotel
Mala Garden Hotel - Siofok is a refined, contemporary and multi-functional hospitality structure located in Siofok that offers comfortable suites and a wellness area for hotel guests.
Siofok (So)Hungary
Villa Luisa
The Villa Luisa project in Barcigliano, an example of excellence in the sector of hospitality&wellness, saw the use of Atlas Concorde ceramic collections to create a coordinated effect between floors and walls in various areas of the building.
Bracigliano (SA)Italy
Knorr Bremse
Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles were chosen for indoor floors of the Knorr Bremse headquarters in Budapest. The design, created by the JOT DESIGN architect’s studio, successfully enhances the image of the group, which is the leading producer of braking systems for commercial and railway vehicles throughout the world.
Hotel Kyriad Prestige Saint Priest
Located in Saint-Priest, close to Lyon, the Hotel Kyriad Prestige Saint Priest inaugurated a splendid venue which saw the use of various collections by Atlas Concorde selected for outdoor flooring and indoor flooring.
Concorde Nursery School
For the architectural project of the Gruppo Concorde’s kindergarten, a collection of wood look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde was chosen, so as to guarantee indoor floors the best technical performance and exclusive aesthetic features.
Fiorano Modenese (MO)Italy
Naples University of Studies
The historical headquarters of the Hungarian Science Academy (MTA Academy), an internationally renowned university centre, is characterised by modern offices covered using Atlas Concorde stone-look porcelain tiles.
Caserta (CE)Italy
Private Villa In Vanuatu
For the renovation project of a private villa facing the sea in Vanuatu, marble look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde were chosen.
Beaumaris - White House
The project for the residential Beaumaris White House centre in Melbourne, Australia, saw the use of Atlas Concorde tiles on floors and walls, products inspired by contrasting natural materials: wood look and concrete look porcelain tiles, as well as timeless surfaces evoking the most prestigious natural stones and marble.
Hideaway of Nungwi Resort
Immersed in the entrancing scenery of the North-western coast of the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania, the Hideaway of Nungwi Resort&SPA, which opened in this splendid location in 2013, used various collections in Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware.
Klinika Medika
The project for the Klinika Medika medical centre located in Waksmund in Poland saw the use of Atlas Concorde concrete look porcelain tiles, chosen for their excellent technical and aesthetic performance.
For the architectural project of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant&fastfood in Louisville various Atlas Concorde collections for floor and wall cladding were chosen: stone look gres porcellanato tiles and white-body wall tiles create a young and fresh venue where natural tints merge with lively colours in an original mix.
LOUISVILLE (Ky)United States
Stelle Hotel
Stelle Hotel in Naples is a hospitality structure characterised by various functional areas using Atlas Concorde marble look slabs and coordinated white-body tiles, for floors and walls with an elegant and natural effect.
Napoli (NA)Italy
Linea 23
Linea23 is an architectural residential project designed by Studio Sigurtà in Desenzano del Garda, for which various Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles were chosen for the creation of ventilated walls, outdoor floors and walls.
Desenzano del Garda (Vr)Italy
Newton Station
The Newton Station is an important architectural project with contemporary character located in Adelaide. Various surfaces and details of the Atlas Concorde gres porcelain range were used in the project, which is an excellent example of public architecture.
Koltsovo airport
Koltsovo Airport, an important international exchange in Yekaterinburg in Russia, was revamped in 2012 using the Evolve series, Atlas Concorde solution in concrete-look gres porcellanato characterised by excellent technical performance and exclusive aesthetics.
EkaterinburgRussian Federation
Nemea Energy Village
Nemea Energy Village is a multi-functional resort stretching onto over a surface of more than 5,000m², a venue that allows guests to experience unique moments of wellness thanks to the presence of dynamic and extensive fitness areas, a swimming pool and entertainment spaces.
Cardito (NA)Italy
Police Headquarter
The police headquarters in Pozan, Poland, have recently been renovated with Atlas Concorde ceramics, used to clad the floors and walls of the entrance hall and of the main lobby.
Grand Hotel Resort MA & MA
Located on the island of La Maddalena, 150 metres from the sea, the Grand Hotel Resort Ma&Ma has recently been finished using some of the most prestigious collections in porcelain stoneware and white-body ceramics by Atlas Concorde.
La Maddalena (Ot)Italy
Private villa in Morchiuso
Various collections in stone-effect porcelain stoneware and in marble- effect porcelain stoneware by Atlas Concorde were used in the prestigious renovation project of a semidetached-house near Morchiuso (CO) be it indoors, outdoor floors or garden floors.
Roadhouse Grill
The renovation project of the Roadhouse Grill restaurant in Settimo Torinese, saw the use of Atlas Concorde products for floor and wall cladding, thus contributing to the creation of functional and appealing spaces. This steak house, characterised by a friendly atmosphere, features a concept of space offering a modern taste sensation in a welcoming venue.
Settimo Torinese (TO)Italy
Marina Square Shopping Center
Collections in wood effect gres porcelain and in stone effect gres porcelain have been selected for the realization of a mega-store open to the public in the heart of Budapest, an exclusive space dedicated to luxury shopping and food and wine of the highest quality.
Bcc Prealpi
In the new branch office of Banca di Credito Cooperativo delle Prealpi di Tarzo (TV) the eye-catching surfaces in Atlas Concorde stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles stand out on the radiant and sophisticated floors.
Tarzo (TV)Italy
Kia Motors Jaroslaw
The concrete-look gres porcellanato urfaces by Atlas Concorde, surfaces that were chosen for functional and evolved indoor floors, stand out in the new Kia Motors car dealership that recently opened in Jaroslaw, Poland.
Valentinerhof Vita Vital Hotel
The Valentinerhof hotel is located in the most spectacular mountain landscape of the world, close to the picturesque village of Siusi, an international tourism venue.
Siusi allo Scillar (BZ)Italy
Cityfront Luxury Apartments
The Cityfront Luxury Apartments is an avant-garde architectural project where wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles by Atlas Concorde are in complete synergy with the cement–effect porcelain stoneware tiles, resulting in a suggestive and natural final effect.
ChicagoUnited States
Neskuchniy Sad
Various Atlas Concorde collections were used inside the architectural project of the Neskuchniy Sad Restaurant. These include stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, for a trendy venue with contemporary design.
MoscowRussian Federation
Sapporo Horse Racing
Sapporo Horse Racing is a modern, internationally renowned centre, dedicated to horse racing and created using stone look porcelain tile collections by Atlas Concorde.
Catamaran Corporation
During the company restructuring of Catamaran Corporation, located in Schaumburg (Illinois), Atlas Concorde stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles were used due to their first class technical features and aesthetical value.
Schaumburg, Chicago (IL)United States
Odyssey Ship Cruise
The Odyssey II Cruise Ship is a luxury cruise ship able to offer an unforgettable experience while admiring the spectacular skyline of Chicago.
ChicagoUnited States
Residential Bathrooms
Contemporary architecture chooses the elegance of the Magnifique collection and the colour of the Gioia series manufactured by Atlas Concorde to decorate with style the bathrooms of some private residences in Italy.
Curinga (CZ)Italy
TUI Blue Zanzibar
On the eastern coast of Tanzania, surrounded by a flourishing garden and washed by the crystalline blue water of the Indian Ocean, stands the TUI Blue Zanzibar, a spectacular 5 star luxury resort with elegant atmospheres that offer to all guests a veritable paradise of relaxation.
Pullman by Accor Hotels
Situated between the crystalline blue sea and the lush vegetation of Croatia, the Hotel Maestral is a unique resort opened in 2010.
Hotel Maestral
Situated between the crystalline blue sea and the lush vegetation of Croatia, the Hotel Maestral is a unique resort opened in 2010.
One of the head-offices of Sikich, the well-known public accounting and consulting firm, is located in Chicago and it is a modern structure of unmistakeable style.
Naperville, Chicago (IL)United States
Ventilated Façade
Residential buildings also offer an infi nity of applications for ventilated walls: for example the building in Cernusco sul Naviglio faced with the Cementi porcelain stoneware collection, fi tted to the wall using an exposed-hook fi xing system.
Slots Hotel – Kokkedal Castle
The dreamlike Kokkedal Castel in Horsholm (Denmark), is located on a hill with a splendid view over the Liim Fiord and is surrounded by a moat that makes it all the more impressive.
Horsholm (Copenhagen)Denmark
Orex Jewelry
Designed by the Archi-Kon studio and opened in 2010 in Budapest, the Orex Jewellery is a perfect mix of design and refi nement, a veritable journey through precious and wondrous treasures.
Celigo Residence
Celigo Residence is a refined boutique hotel with a contemporary look, located on the marvellous Slovenian coast, just a stone’s throw from Portorose, has elegantly equipped rooms and suites that the utmost comfort as well as a large wellness area to experience moments of total relaxation.
Embassy Freight Services S.p.A.
With many offices around the world, the Embassy Freight Services S.p.A. is one of the leading company specialising in logistics services.
Reggio EmiliaItaly
Shopping center Mobel Rieger - KÜCHEN
The Möbel Reiger Shopping Centre in Göppingen (Germany) showcases a wide range of furniture and furnishings for private homes, offices and commercial activities.
The Fashion Mall
The Fashion Mall at Keystone is a famous upscale shopping mall located in the north-east of Indianapolis, Indiana, owned by the Simon Property Group, the largest U.S. commercial real estate company.
IndianapolisUnited States
Mind Museum
Built according to architectural criteria in line with the main energy saving and eco-sustainability trends, the Mind Museum in Manila is the first major science and art museum in the Philippines; it has been created with the aim of offering a valid contribution to the education and growth of future generations.
Private Villa in Singapore
Elegance and contemporary style characterise this private villa in Singapore, one of the most cosmopolitan cities and most important financial centres in the world.
Kishwaukee College
Surrounded by nature, among thriving corn fields, Kishwaukee College is an important point of reference for the education and professional growth of the students of Illinois.
MaltaUnited States
Niu New Residence Hall
Established in 1895, and having evolved through over a century of history, the NIU – Northern Illinois University boasts a long tradition in education and training.
IllinoisUnited States
Velanera Hotel & Restaurant
Architect Daniele Menichini has designed this marvellous Hotel on the fabulous marina in Pula.
Ližnjan (Pula)Croatia
Design Loft
In Milan, heart of the Italian design and fashion style, the interior of this perfect metropolitan style loft once dedicated to industrial production, was restored to its antique splendour using Extrema, bringing life to an elegant private residence.
Private Villa in Karlslunde
A few kilometres from Copenhagen, where history blends with modernity generating new currents and trends in total respect of the environment, Atlas Concorde’s green philosophy fully satisfies the requirements of a private villa in Karlslunde, with a strong contemporary style.
Karlslunde (Copenhagen)Denmark
Hotel Estense - Spa
Wellness and tranquillity are the founding elements of the renovation of the Hotel Estense which, completely renewed, offers relaxing moments in the SPA reserved for its guests.
The rigour and texture of the technical Trust porcelain stoneware characterise the look of the important business park HK-Østjylland in Brabrand (Denmark).
The UCCS Science and Engineering Building in Colorado is a university centre for science and engineering designed by the architect Chris M. Gebhart of AR7 Architects Studio to provide technological research with up to date facilities.
Colorado Springs (CO)United States
Die Wascherei
Eccentric and appealing, the Die Wascherei shopping centre is located in Hamburg.
Vaci 1
The Vaci 1 Shopping Centre is located in the city centre in Budapest and, with its glass structure designed by Christian Biecher Associes studio from Paris, it perfectly blends into one of the most refined areas of the city.
Eingang Messe Sud
Designed by the GMP Architekten studio in Hamburg, the trade fair and congress centre in Hannover is a modern building destined to host important international exhibitions.
Expo theme pavillion
The Expo 2012 taking place in Korea is dedicated to Ocean life and coasts and to their safeguard.
YeosuKorea, South
Yale Social Center
Constructed in Boston, Connecticut, the Yale Social Centre is a training centre of primary importance inaugurated in 2009.
BostonUnited States
Zollenspieker Fahrhaus
Located in the south of Hamburg, the heart of the hotel is a mansion built in 1252.
La Brasserie du Golf (Mercure Toulose Golf de Seilh)
In perfect harmony with the atmosphere and elegance typical of a club house, the brasserie welcomes its guest in a refined and sought-after venue.
The work of a renowned architect’s studio in Duisburg, MSP Architekten GMBH, Königsgalerie shopping centre in Duisburg is a perfect example of style, excellence and aesthetic functionality.
Rock Valley College, Jacobs Center for science & Math
One of the most renowned colleges in Illinois, Rock Valley College in Rockford is a building of sober and elegant forms, surrounded by a green, excellently equipped campus.
RockfordUnited States
Hotel Iq Roma
Located in the centre of Rome, this 4 star hotel offers a completely innovative concept, focussing on the wellbeing of guests during their stay.
Dlr Group Offices
The throbbing heart of contemporary design, DLR Group is an international architectural studio with founding office in Omaha, Nebraska.
Omaha (NE)United States
This marvellous temple of beauty takes shape between elegant hints and refined chromatic hues.
Piombino (LI)Italy
Depaul University; Arts & Letters Hall
Founded in 1989, Depaul University is the largest catholic university in Illinois and the largest private education institute in Chicago.
Chicago - ILUnited States
Trainingscenter Lunepark
Specifically created for the training of the future global finance managers, the Lunepark Trainings Centre has been designed by one of the most renowned architect’s studios in Hamburg, GRS Reimer Architekten.
Nedbank (Falcon Building)
Inaugurated in 2012, the new headquarters of NedBank in Pretoria, South Africa, is a modern building with an avant-garde design that brings together different materials such as porcelain stoneware, wood, cement and glass.
PretoriaSouth Africa
Multipurpose Center
Many years ago, on a site in Misterbianco, Catania, where the ancient, very active during the first two decades of the twentieth century, Monaco furnace used to stand, there now stands a modern multi-purpose centre created to bring a moment in time back to local residents.
Misterbianco (CT)Italy
Acetaia Lini
In the countryside of Reggio Emilia, among the recollections of ancient crafts, a vinegar factory of antique style but contemporary freshness was built.
Reggio EmiliaItaly
Wellness Hotel Edelweiss
Built in the centre of Berchtestgaden, the Edelweiss Hotel offers guests the excellence of a building completely dedicated to relaxation.
Bellarine Peninsula Villa
The Villa “Zarinan Peninsula” is on the Bellarine Peninsula, overlooking the crystalline sea south-east of Melbourne, a terraced building of contemporary charm reaching towards the golden beaches of the coast.
Paramount Pictures International
Inaugurated in 2008 in Chiswick Park, the head office of Paramount Pictures International is characterized by the sobrietà of the different spaces shaped in ceramics, glass, wood and technology.
LondonUnited Kingdom
Fashion Groove
Innovative in design and rich in its commercial offering, the Fashion Groove Mall designed by architect Roberto Fabbri of the Bazar architect’s studio, is located in Incisa Valdarno, in the very heart of peaceful landscape of the Tuscany countryside.
Incisa in Val d'Arno (FI)Italy
University of Gyor
Inaugurated in 2010, the Gyor university and research centre in Hungary provides a splendid example of contemporary architecture: luminous and essential, the structure expresses a perfect geometry and a transparency designed to create the right equilibrium between interior settings and outdoor spaces.
Sport Bar Hard Rock (hotel & casino)
One of the most notable entertainment venues of the city, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino offers a vast range of opportunities to have fun and relax in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas, NEUnited States
Lamborghini dealership
Lamborghini’s Rome Showroom is a splendid example of a modern car display area: its sinuous and elliptical shape and the large windows facing onto the city were designed to offer the public the maximum usability and maximum visibility for the product.
Cubic House
In central-western Germany, defined geometric lines give form to a private house of very marked contemporary personality.
Therme Tauren Spa
Wellness, sport and relaxation are the soul of this wellness hotel in Austria, built as if a huge sail immersed in the alpine landscape and equipped with the most sought-after luxuries. 5000 m² of the surface is covered with the Trust collection in Ivory and Gold, of various sizes on fl oors and on walls in the suites and thermal area.
Home Sweet Home
Elegant, charming and simultaneously in line with the parameters of eco-building, this private residence in perfect northern European style is in Pälkäne,, a small town in western Finland.
Finnish Embassy House
Striking a perfect balance between monumentality and functionality, the Finnish Embassy House stands in the central district of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
Residence Ganz
Realized in perfect central European style, the Residence Ganz in Budapest comprises a fl oor space of 800 m2 with an architecture inspired by the most modern and contemporary spirit.
Plaza Happening Center
Spectacular and elegant at the same time, welcoming and refi ned, the Plaza Happening Centre springs up from behind the historical centre of Vasto.
Continental Hotel Zara
The Continental Hotel Zara is a plunge into the elegant, déco atmospheres typical of Budapest and, at the same time, an experience of contemporary design.
Enoteca Gyulai Palinka Manifactura
The Gulai Palinka Manifactura is a warm and welcoming venue in which the taste for the unusual is enhanced with interplay and dynamic equilibriums created between particular decorative elements and the settino in its totality.
Zazio's Restaurant and Trust Building
The building that houses Zazio’s Restaurant is refi ned and elegant with very carefully conceived spaces.
Birmingham (MI)United States
Northstar Cafè
The Northstar Cafè in Columbus, Ohio, was realized to the designs of the architect Andrew Rosenthal of the Gieseke Rosenthal Architecture+Design Studio: an enormous window instigates an intriguing dialogue between interior and exterior, while natural wood and porcelain stoneware are cleverly combined in the large rooms.
Columbus (OH)United States
Ns Utrecht
The Jo Coenen Architects Studio chose the technical porcelain stoneware of the Trust line, Titanium colour 30x60 format from the Atlas Concorde range, for the realization in Utrecht of the business centre housing the offices of the Dutch State Railways.
Sheremetyevo Airport
Sheremetyevo International Airport near Moscow was designed by the architect Dimitry Pshenichnikov and his partners at the Architectural Workshop Studio.
MoscowRussian Federation
Twin Falls Mall
Located close to the Snake River in Idaho, USA, the Boise Twin Falls Malls is a majestic and prestigious shopping centre.
Boise (ID)United States
Alma Vista Villa
Alma Vista is an elegant home in Dobrovo, a city characterized for its tranquillity and fairytale landscapes.
Irplast Group
Aesthetics and functionality, ergonomics and elegance: this is the kernel of the architectural project conceived for the Irplast offices in Empoli.
The Eckert Wordell Architects Studio designed the new head office for KVCC Kalamazoo Valley Community College in Michigan: a futuristic structure of elliptical shape in which light becomes the defining element of the entire creation.
Kalamazoo (MI)United States
Hotel Okura
A temple of wellbeing and a perfect example of hospitality and luxury and featured in the Leading Hotels of the World club, the Okura Hotel in Tokyo is dedicated to aesthetics in its purest expression.
Hilton Dublin Hotel
In the very heart of Dublin, the Hilton Dublin Kilmainham Hotel is a treasure trove of contemporary design.
Molino Stucky Hilton Venice
In one of the most charming cities in the worldand on the ruins of an ancient mill, stands theMolino Stucky Venice hotel, part of the Hilton Group and designed to bring the history of the former use for the site back to life.
Hankook Tyre Group
Research and technology are the foundation of the Hankook’s corporate mission, a leading company in the production of top performance road tyres.
Pregel America
World leaders in the ice cream parlour and pastry shop product sector, Pregel combines constant research with quality control and innovative capacity, transferring this company spirit to all its branches.
Concord (NH)United States
St. Petersburg Building
In the city of the Tsars, with its sumptuous avenues and ultra modern buildings reaching into the sky, there are two towers that reflect the perfect elegance of the imperial capital.
Saint PetersburgRussian Federation
Emirates Palace
The emirates Palace is a luxurious abode that evokes the atmosphere of the Thousand and One Nights, and is designed to amaze all who enter it.
Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates
Holiday in Zilina
With close ties to the city of Zilina, a city the hotel literally communicates with through its huge windows, the Holiday Inn hotel harmoniously blends into the historical old town.
Auchan Wroklaw
Functional and elegant at the same time, the Auchan Wroclan shopping mall is characterized by a floor featuring an original installation pattern, enhancing the sought-after details of the building.
Athlone Town Centre
Illuminated by huge skylights, the Athlone Town Center is a large shopping mall in which major international fashion brands are housed.
Ibn Battuta Mall
The IBN Battuta Mall is the largest shopping mall in Dubai.
DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
Ccs City Center Sofia
The first modern shopping center to open in Sofia, City Center Sofia is located in the heart of the city's business district.
Multisala Cineplexx
The Cineplexx in Bolzano is a modern building hosting seven cinemas with a total of 1,500 seats: designed to offer top quality entertainment, the complex has a strong identity emphasized by the external facade in red and white.
The Central Navy Museum
The Central Navy Museum is one of the oldest museums in all of Russia: situated in Saint Petersburg it is home to a collection of more than 700,000 navy exhibits dedicated to the history of navigation.
Saint PetersburgRussian Federation
Jw Marriott Indianapolis
Built in the heat of Indianapolis, the JW Marriott is an elegant and refined hotel, the jewel in the crown of the Marriott hotel chain. In an area of 10,000 m² this majestic hotel includes various innovative structures and welcomes guests with top quality services and chic details.
Indianapolis (IN)United States
The Wit Hotel in Chicago
As enthralling as Chicago itself, The Wit hotel is one of the most “happening” hotels of the moment and looks out from one of the most famous streets in the city, ringing a new lease of life to it and offering guests countless entertainment and business opportunities.
Chicago (MI)United States